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Introducing and Scaling DevOps

Talk by Robert Kluin.

This talk explores three topics needed to develop a solution for introducing and scaling DevOps and SRE organizations. We start by asking a simple question: "What is DevOps?" Answering this question is hard, but the discussion will ultimately provide us with insight we can use to introduce SRE within (almost) any environment.

We start by exploring the idea of "silos," which offer an important strategic benefit -- skill specialization. However, over time silos lead to misalignment and conflict within the organization. These two insights, the value of specialization and misalignment due to silos, will help us develop a solution for scaling DevOps to large software organizations.

We conclude by exploring possible solutions for introducing and scaling SRE, even in very large companies. Our solution allows for control of costs, scales well, and can be iteratively implemented and customized to each company's unique needs. More importantly, the solution aligns resources to deliver maximum value.

Later Event: November 4
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