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Integrating Google Cloud

Workshop by Robert Kluin.

In this multi code-lab series, we will progressively build an application that retrieves data from an external source and combines that data with large BigQuery datasets to provide relevant data to users. Our system will leverage the Natural Language API for text analysis, Pub/Sub for real-time updates, Cloud Functions for Serverless processing, and Google App Engine for hosting the web front-end.

The application will utilize:
+ App Engine for serving the user facing application,
+ Pub/Sub to connect components together and do real-time client updates,
+ Cloud Functions for serverless processing,
+ Natural Language API for text analysis,
+ BigQuery for querying large datasets.

The code-labs are meant to be modular so attendees can stay for the portions they are interested in, and skip those they are not. Attendees will need to have an existing cloud project and be familiar with the cloud console.

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